Ed Smyth

Huntington Town Supervisor Candidate Ed Smyth Receives Endorsements from All Suffolk County Police Associations

Public safety advocate and Huntington Town Supervisor candidate Ed Smyth received the unanimous endorsement of the Coalition of Suffolk Police Unions. “Your family’s safety is my first concern. Public safety depends on a trusting partnership with law enforcement. As Supervisor, I will continue to work with police to ensure your family’s safety.” Mr. Smyth said. “Our …[Leer articulo]

Letter to the Editor

As Supervisor, I will continue to encourage the repurposing of existing space and restricting zoning to curb over-development throughout Huntington. While growth is inevitable, it is imperative that we do so responsibly without putting a strain on our resources or compromising the habitats of our local wildlife. I will also advocate for a program I …[Leer articulo]

Letter to the Editor

The other problem of “kids in cages” is happening across our country: juveniles stuck in our criminal justice system. Our criminal justice system incarcerates an appalling number of juveniles who committed crimes as teenagers. These prisoners are overwhelmingly male and disproportionately minority. These are the forgotten “kids in cages” that we need to shine a …[Leer articulo]