Letter to the Editor

As Supervisor, I will continue to encourage the repurposing of existing space and restricting zoning to curb over-development throughout Huntington. While growth is inevitable, it is imperative that we do so responsibly without putting a strain on our resources or compromising the habitats of our local wildlife. I will also advocate for a program I call “Apples for Apples,” which would allow builders to re-develop sites with existing inefficient homes into entirely new, energy-efficient homes with modern septic systems, maintaining the same number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens as the prior house (hence “Apples for Apples”). The property would enjoy the original tax assessment as the prior house. The benefits of this are many. First, it would reduce the demand for developing vacant land, as it would be far more economical to develop land that already has roads, utilities, sidewalks, etc. to the site. Second, modern construction offers far more efficient heating, air conditioning and insulation, reducing the carbon footprint of the home. Third, with the same number of bedrooms, the same number of children would (theoretically) attend local schools. Fourth, a new kitchen and heater would reduce the number of fire department calls to the home. Fifth, this would generate an economic benefit by providing re-development jobs for the building trades and suppliers. Sixth, neighborhood eyesores of blighted and rundown houses would be bought and redeveloped. Lastly, all of this would happen with private capital investment and the municipal tax rolls would not go down at all.

Ed Smyth
Huntington Town Councilman
Candidate, Huntington Town Supervisor

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